Paula also completed her residency at Life University attaining her Doctorate of Chiropractic (DC) in 1994. That same year she moved to Tampa, passing her national and state board testings. She then completed her internship in an established West Tampa chiropractic office. She continues her education in nutrition, to keep up on the latest information so she can provide a complete wellness plan for her patients of all ages.  She opened her own South Tampa office in 1996 and has loved every minute of it.

There are a few dozen techniques in chiropractic from extremely gentle to more all of which are very safe and effective. Dr. Paula utilizes different techniques to accomidate people depending on their age, size, shape, and medical history etc. Some of these techniques include: Toggle / Grostic / Activiator Methods / Thompson/Drop / Diversified / Websters Technique / Flexion-Extension for Lumbar Spine / SOT Blocking / Extremity Work / Arthostimlation Instrument.  
Dr. Paula Giusto, DC
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"Dr. Paula" practice includes family care.  She is proficient in several techniques that are all safe, gentle and very effective.  Nutritional Counseling is another aspect of her office. 

Dr. Paula Giusto graduated from William Paterson College in New Jersey earning her Bachelors in Health Sciences and minoring in Nutrition and Kinesiology. She then attended Montclair University for 2 years, fine tuning her prerequisites for medical/chiropractic school.  Directly after 6 years of education in New Jersey she moved to Marietta Georigia, just outside of Atlanta, to attend Life University: School of Chiropractic. At Life University she achieved her 4 year degree.